Saint Jude Retreats

At Saint Jude Retreats we know that looking for the right drug rehab center or alcohol treatment center can be difficult because there are so many options. Traditional treatment centers promise individuals recovery from addictions through a life committed to daily 12 step meetings and that they accept they are powerless over drugs and alcohol because of a permanent dis-ease that must be treated one day at a time for the rest of their lives. Nothing could be further from the truth! At the Saint Jude Retreat Centers individuals and families learn that "Addiction is not a Disease", and that all Addictions are a compulsive behavior pattern and a lifestyle choice based on learned behaviors. Simply put, individuals are seeking happiness through drugs and alcohol because they have only lacked the ability to find peace within themselves.

The Saint Jude Retreats is the only program in America that offers the St. Jude Retreat Program at Three Retreat Center locations as a non-12 step, choice based alternative to traditional alcohol and drug treatment centers. St. Jude Retreats has been changing the be-lie-f that addiction is a disease for more than 20 years through educating individuals that addictions are learned behaviors and a choice while promoting positive change in the alcohol and drug treatment center industry.

St. Jude Retreats History

St. Jude Retreats began with two men that spend 10 years of their lives helping individuals seeking a solution for alcohol abuse and drug addictions. The Saint Jude Retreat Program is the only free-choice based self-empowerment program that is backed with more than 20 years of alcohol and drug addiction research and development.

St. Jude Retreat Program

At the Saint Jude Retreat Centers you learn that "Addiction is not a Disease", Addiction is a compulsive behavior pattern and a chosen lifestyle that is often resolved without ever having to attend alcohol treatment centers or drug rehab centers. It is true that individuals feel helpless and powerless to stop using drugs and alcohol when currently engaged in alcohol and drug abuse, but statistic have shown that more individuals eventually overcoming these problems without ever having to attending 12 step meetings, counseling sessions and/or drug treatment center. For those who have tried to stop on their own but feel they cannot stop drinking and using drugs, Saint Jude Retreat Houses offer a non 12 step, non treatment center alternative that is designed to empower individuals to overcome alcohol abuse and drug addiction substance abuse once and for all.

St Jude Retreats offer a unique program that helps individuals overcome alcohol and drug addiction. The Saint Jude Retreat Houses have been helping individuals for over 20 years to find that power by provide them with a compassionate experience filled with a motivational social education experience that inspires people to be inspiration to build the life they have always dreamed.

No individual is powerless over addiction and the worst thing one can do is surrender to the idea of being powerless and that they have a permanent disease. The instructors at St. Jude Retreats know that for every choice that would create a life of addiction and sorrow, there is power available to solve it and that there is no addiction or temptation that does not also have a solution of equal power.